Thursday, 2 August 2007

Seperating the Men from the Morts

I'm a bit slow on the uptake here (maybe I'm too busy to be a true alpha geek) but if you're one of those .NET developers who've always felt a little bit uncomfortable sitting in the MS Fanboy Hummer on the way to the latest .NET launch (and secretly was wishing you were at RailsConf) and because every time you mentioned test first, agile, a new OS project, regret that a Java library wasn't in .NET - or god forbid you actually deployed open source non-MS certified libraries on a production machine! - you got funny looks, then maybe you are an ALT.NETer and never knew it.

The opposite is MORT.NET: those old VB6ers or VisualC++ers who just can't shake the habit of databound controls with a business layer of static methods which shuttle anemic data objects to and from the database and UI, and tests by creating a test app of datagrids and command buttons. The MORT.NETer is a drag-and-drop all star who wouldn't have known what AJAX was until MS released ATLAS (but are slightly cautious as it's FREE) and believe NHibernate is pure evil because it doesn't use stored procedures.

Join the movement comrades: if you're the kind of developer that's prepared to try something because it's cool rather than asking if it is MS certified you're already there!

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