Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Immutable Wrapper

I am a huge fan of immutables, especially for value objects. Even in clumsy static languages like C# and Java that seem to throw every obstacle in your way to deter you from using them I find the benefits outweigh the costs.

Sometimes though a mutable makes sense. Whether that's because of the restrictiveness of a framework or the paradigm of the language. But what if we don't want to loose the power of immutables behind the scenes?

Introducing The Immutable Wrapper Pattern!

The Immutable Wrapper is a wonderfully simple pattern because there are only two things you need to do.
  1. Create a class with only one mutable field
  2. Wrap the immutables functions.
Here's an example. You've got a copy-on-write list implementation but your binding it to some GUI control that gives you a big headache if you try and point it to a different data source.

Here's your immutable:
  class CopyOnWriteList
private readonly IEnumerable items;

CopyOnWriteList Add(item)
return new CopyOnWriteList(new List(items, item));
Now wrap it:
  class WrappedCopyOnWriteList
CopyOnWriteList list;

void Add(item)
list = list.Add(item)
There, it couldn't be simpler. So simple in fact I don't know what else to say. Enjoy!


felix said...

That reminds me of the idea of a ValueModel in the Visual Works UI framework.
It is a bit simpler and more generic and offers change notification. Essentially it has a void setValue(value), and a Object getValue() method, plus a method to register listeners.

The benefits of this indirection (in UI terms) go beyond being able to use immutable value objects. You can even change the underlying object, for example if a textbox should bind to a field of an object that can be selected in listbox.

Also, I think for entities it is quite appropriate to use mutable objects.

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