Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Don't override the back button

Have Google developers forgotton the number 1 of the The Top Ten Web Design Mistakes: namely don't break the back button?

I was just working on a great post, clicked on preview, found an error, clicked back to go back to the form and accidently (honest) clicked OK and now the post I just spent 45 minutes working on is gone because Google have messed with the way the back button works.

I know why this happened: because we're in a DHTML/AJAX world now and I didn't really submit anything (as the form gives the appearance of) just flipped a little javascript and switched some styles and layers about but for the sake of the Web are we really back to the 1999 world of DHTML abuse or could this be the first signs of Google's Microsoftization and they're now making the standards?

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